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If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes,’ it’s very likely that you will benefit from having a shareholders’ agreement.

Unless constrained by a shareholders' agreement, shareholders with a simple majority of votes have very wide powers under company law. Without requiring any consent from the other shareholders, they can appoint new directors (perhaps their friends or family members), remove any director (such as one of the other shareholders), vote to pay themselves salaries or fees which other shareholders or directors do not receive, or issue more shares (so diluting existing shareholders' ownership of the company).

A shareholders’ agreement is also useful for setting out the rules that apply when a shareholder wants to transfer his or her shares, and what happens to them when the shareholder dies.

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We prepare shareholders' agreements that are suitable for private companies with small numbers of shareholders who want to protect their individual interests in the company. Our agreements are straightforward and easy for all parties to understand.

We start by taking details about the company and the people involved. We ask what issues are important to the various parties, and advise on typical issues and solutions. We then provide a draft agreement for approval, usually within a few working days of taking instructions. Please complete our form below and we will get back to you today with a no-obligation quote.

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