Shares ~ our services

Issue Shares: Investment in The Future of Your Company

Issue new shares in your company.

Bonus Shares: Legal Assistance with Issuing Bonus Shares

Bonus Shares

New Share Classes: Create and Issue New Classes of Shares

New Share Classes

Conversion of Shares: Convert Your Company's Shares with Ease

Turn shares of one class into another.

Consolidation of Shares: Combine Issued Shares

Turn few shares into many, or many into few.

Transfer of Shares: We Help You Easily Transfer Your Shares

Sell existing shares to someone else.

Buyback of Shares: Get Guidance on Your Company's Share Buyback Plan

Sell shares back to your company.

Redemption of Shares: Redeem Your Shares Today

Redeeming Shares in Your Company

Reduction of Capital: Reduce Your Company's Capital with Ease

Reduce the share capital of your company.

Subdivision Of Shares: Split Your Shares with Ease

Turn few shares into many, or many into few.