Company struck off for non-filing offences? No problem.

If the answer to the above is ‘yes,’ then let us assist you in getting your company up and running again by performing an administrative restoration.

Administrative restoration is used where a company has been dissolved by Companies House for non-compliance with its filing duties. It cannot be used where the company was dissolved at the request of its directors (in such circumstances a court order is required). Company restoration is the only way of getting back assets taken by the Crown when the company was dissolved.

A company which has been restored is deemed to have continued in existence as if it had not been dissolved or struck off the register in the first place.

Our service

The Company Law Solutions service comes in two stages:

Stage 1

Advice as to whether administrative restoration is available in the circumstances, the total costs involved, and whether any other course of action is available.

Stage 2

Making the application. We take care of everything required, including:

  • advice as to the procedures and issues involved
  • the application to the Treasury Solicitor
  • preparation of outstanding annual returns/confirmation statements
  • the application to Companies House

Please note that you will need to provide any missing company accounts due at Companies House for submission alongside the application, and will be responsible for any filing penalties which may have accrued prior to the company being struck off.

Service Price  
Company restoration From £350.00 + VAT Quote

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