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Changing a company’s name is NOT as simple as filing an NM01, whether on paper or via Companies House webfiling. All this does is notify Companies House of a change already made – it’s important that the change itself is made validly and in compliance with the law.

As per the provisions of the Companies Act, the decision to change a company’s name should be taken by special resolution – requiring the holders of 75% of the voting shares to assent to the proposed name change. Even in a small company, it’s important that adequate records are made and kept relating to the decisions required to be taken before the NM01 is filed.

It’s also important that the proposed new name is properly checked for any potential problems. While a name might be available on the register of companies, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not too similar to an existing company name – and if this is the case, the aggrieved party can take action against your company via the Registrar of Companies or the courts.

Don’t leave it to chance; use our cost-effective name change service to ensure that things are done the right way.

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The Company Law Solutions service provides everything required to be legally compliant, including:

  • guidance as to the applicable procedures
  • thorough checking and advice as to availability, including passing-off at common law
  • minutes of directors' meetings
  • notices of shareholders' resolution
  • shareholders' consents to resolution
  • completed official forms for Companies House
  • our straightforward, step by step guide to completing the procedures
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