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If it’s in your company’s interests to convert to a PLC, and the company meets the minimum requirements for doing so, then our cost-effective service is for you.

A private company can be re-registered as a public company (PLC) provided:

  • it has an issued share capital of at least £50,000, with at least 25% of the nominal amount and the whole of any premium payable on each share paid up
  • it has assets to a value which is not less than its called up share capital plus undistributable reserves (to establish this, the application must be accompanied by an audited balance sheet which is not less than seven months old, and this must be accompanied by a statement by the company's auditors that the assets meet the statutory requirements)
  • it has at least two shareholders and two directors
  • it appoints a secretary if it does not already have one

Our service

The Company Law Solutions service provides everything required to be legally compliant, including:

  • guidance as to the applicable procedures and requirements
  • amended articles of association
  • minutes of directors' meetings
  • notices of written resolutions
  • consents to resolutions
  • completed official forms for Companies House
  • our straightforward, step by step guide to completing the procedures

Please note: the company must arrange for the preparation of the required balance sheet and auditor's statement.

Service Price  
Conversion of a private company to a PLC Only £300.00 + VAT Buy it now

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